Offering & Backstory

Avidity has developed practical training programmes for internal use for our development team for years. Avidity is now able to offer these tried and tested programmes to our clients and partners.

  • Efficient training

    By using the learning transfer platform Promote, we are able to stretch the program out over time and the participants apply their newfound knowledge to the project they are currently working on. Senior members of Avidity's team help facilitate discussions and how theory is applied in practice.

  • Relevant content

    All our courses have been designed by developers, for developers. They stem from our experiences in the industry and will help you level up the competences of your development team.

  • Cost efficient without disruptions

    We know from experience that both change of focus and absence from projects are hidden costs for development teams. This is why we designed our training programmes to not disrupt ongoing work - there is no need to send the team away or halt ongoing projects.


Basic Git

Ensure your development team have a shared understanding of git to avoid any version control mishaps.

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Clean Code 1

Our first course on practically applying software engineering principals.

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Clean Code 2

Our follow-up course on software engineering principals exploring data structures, error handling and code boundaries.

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Asynchronous Programming

Clear up any misconceptions on asynchronous programming and how to apply it effectivly.

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Practical Docker for Developers

Give your development team the foundation they need in order to use Docker productively in day-to-day work.

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Avidity charges a fee per learner, with a minimum of 4 learners. This fee includes preparation, facilitation, course content and any course outcome.

The fee varies depending on the length and complexity of the course.

Customisations and additional resources, such as coaching by senior members of our team, are offered separately.

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